Email us to request your free TUG membership.

Who’s a TUG member?
Anyone who requests to be added to the TUG email subscription list is considered to be a TUG member. As of Dec, 2014 there are 62 TUG members.

How much does membership cost?
TUG membership is FREE. (Note small venue fee is requested at meet-ups.)

Let’s strum, sing & have some fun together.
Because TUG is charged for our meet-up venue (Uniting Church Hall, Malanda) we ask for a $2. donation from each player at each meet-up (or $25. / year.)

TUG music files
When you’re added to the membership list, you’ll be sent an email with the link to TUG sheet music on Dropbox. We suggest that you:

  • Download the files to your computer.
  • Save the sheet music to your device / tablet OR  print out the sheet music.
  • Bring your own copy of TUG music to the meet-ups & gigs.

Tableland Ukulele Group membership